About King’s College, the British School of Panama

In September 2012, King’s Group opened their seventh school, which is located in Panama City.

In an innovative partnership with the Panamanian Ministry of Education, King’s Group has established a truly British school in one of the most dynamic economies in the world. King’s College, the British School of Panama, is located in Clayton, a suburb of Panama City, and is set on a spacious campus of over one hectare. The school is fortunate to be surrounded by the Panamanian rainforest, which frequently features in classroom learning.

Nearly 250 children, aged 3-14 (Nursery – Year 9), are educated at the school. Over the next few years the school will grow with these children; so that eventually they will take IGCSEs and then A Level exams, before going on to study at universities around the world. Eventually, the school will cater for pupils aged 3-18 years old (Nursery – Year 13).

Vanessa Whay, Headteacher, comments: “Values such as compassion, respect and friendliness are an integral part of the school’s ethos. Clear boundaries and simple rules make King’s College, the British School of Panama a happy and safe place to learn.”

A British Education in Latin America

  • Our vision is to be at the forefront of British Education Internationally.

  • Our mission is to provide high quality British education that delivers a transformative learning experience.

    • Part of this mission is to establish British educational principles and expertise around the world.

    • Our objective is to make sure that King’s College teachers are of the highest calibre, qualified in the UK to teach their particular subject or age group.

    • A British education is based upon cross-curricular teaching which allows children to think creatively, solve problems and convert knowledge into true understanding.

    • A British education creates open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals.

    • Pupils learn from first-hand experience, not just text books

    • The students’ natural curiosity is harnessed as they engage in varied and challenging lessons.

    • Our many years of experience enable our pupils, from a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, to unlock the tools and principles that they will use to reach their full potential.

King’s Training, Panama

King’s Training occupies a unique place in the market for specialised tuition and learning services. From the professional training centre in Panama City, local, national and international clients are assisted with their training plans, coaching needs, language consultancy, sales seminars and conferences. King’s Training’s focus is on adult education in Spanish and English. King's Training also offers corporate training in the region to companies and businesses. 

King’s Training, Panama, have been commissioned by the Panamanian Ministry of Education to deliver a range of teacher training services, that will improve and develop the English language skills and teaching methods used by school teachers in Panama.

Samantha Whay-Jenkins, Training Director, King’s College Panama, notes: “all the participants have joined the programme with an open mind and a desire to learn and develop their professional skills. I can see only positive outcomes for all those involved in this round-breaking model of co-operation.”

King’s Group, 45 years of Education

King’s Group is one of the largest and most successful groups of British International Schools in the world; as well as being a founding member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). We depend on a set of well-proven, efficient and well-documented systems and processes, developed over many years, which allow us to recruit, train and manage a complex and diverse set of people who comprise King’s Group.

We currently operate seven British schools across three countries; Spain, Panama, the UK and have been educating children and young people since 1969. Our Flagship College in Spain was opened in 1978 and has recently been equipped with boarding facilities for pupils who come to study from around the world.

All of our students leave school with a sense of confidence in themselves and a clear idea of how they can contribute to society. 70% of our pupils go on to study at universities in the UK; whilst others go on to study in universities around the world, such as the USA and Spain.

Elena Benito, CEO, King’s Group adds: “We really pride ourselves on our business practices, which focus on the core values of a traditional British education: honesty, reliability, teamwork, integrity, excellence and a constant desire for self-improvement”.

Sir Roger Fry, Chairman and Founder, King’s Group, adds: “The education we provide shapes the future of our students’ lives and the world in which they will live, work and contribute to.”

University Destinations

Panama 1In 2014, pupils from King’s College Schools went on to study at 5 of the top 6 Universities in the world:

  • University of Cambridge

  • Imperial College London

  • Harvard University

  • University of Oxford

  • University College London

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