King’s College Panama forms part of King’s Group, an international educational organisation which is proud to offer a quality British education to pupils across the globe. Sir Roger Fry, knighted in 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II for promoting British education internationally, founded the first King's College school in Madrid in 1969 and ever since the prestigious institution has grown to a total of 10 schools in the UK, Spain (Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Elche), Germany, Latvia and Panama.

In 2019, King’s College schools became members of Inspired, a leading global premium schools group operating in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, educating over 45,000 students across a global network of more than 64 schools.

Testament to the exceptional academic and pastoral standards that the schools embed is the recent recognition as “Private Education Group of the Year” in 2018 by Education Investor, one of the sectors most prestigious publications. 

King’s College, The British School of Panama opened its doors in September 2012 and initially catered for children age 3 to age 11 (Nursery – Year 6). Located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by the Panamanian rainforest in the area of Clayton (approximately 6 km from the city centre), the school currently has a roll of around 350 students from 33 nationalities ranging from age 3 – 17 years old (Nursery to Year 12).

Modern and high quality facilities

King’s College Panama’s on-site facilities include:    

  • EYFS learning area and separate playground with direct access from the classroom

  • Well-resourced Primary classrooms all with interactive smart boards

  • Large green playing area

  • Football field

  • Two fully equipped Science labs

  • Art room

  • Primary and Secondary libraries

  • Music room and practice room

  • Hard court

  • Indoor hall

  • Multi-purpose hall

  • Covered sports area 

  • Secondary ICT room

  • Primary laptops and iPad trolleys

  • Dining room and fully functioning kitchens

  • Air-Conditioning and heating in all classrooms and halls

Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards and wifi internet connection. Training is regularly provided to all staff to ensure that teaching and learning are up-to-date with the latest developments.

ICT Equipment

Every classroom has its own computing provision. Pupils benefit from a range of early years software packages in the Nursery where they begin to develop basic computer skills such as mouse control. A typical programme, like Sound Stories (from the Oxford Literacy Web) will be introduced to the whole class at one time.

Children then have the opportunity to practice their skills in an interactive and stimulating environment, usually working in pairs with their teacher or learning assistant. Sound, colour and animation all help to captivate a child’s interest in computing right from the start of their education at King’s College.

Infant and Primary pupils use laptops and iPads to aid their learning. All Senior pupils (Year 7 upwards) have their own Chromebook to access online learning tools. Senior students are encouraged to view computers as tools for learning in all subject areas.

Equipment is of the highest quality and the school provides all the educational materials necessary for pupils to succeed in a very demanding curriculum.

Sports Facilities

Physical education forms an integral part of the curriculum at the school and is also a major area of extra-curricular activity. It is considered a healthy way to develop pupils’ physical competence and confidence. It also promotes physical skills, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. Physical education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles.

The sports facilities on school grounds include a multipurpose hall, an indoor hall, a hard court and an outdoor playing field. As well as these, more opportunities for sport become available as pupils progress through the school, and there is a wide range of extra-curricular and optional classes available to students. Sports activities are also available to all students at break times.


Academic Excellence

Students at King’s College, The British School of Panama receive exactly the same curriculum as if they were studying at one of the best schools in Great Britain and learn from native British and British trained teachers. The programme includes a wide range of subjects, leading to IGCSE, and A Level examinations. This programme of study will allow pupils access to the top universities in the world. In addition to the English curriculum, pupils also study subjects covering the Panamanian Language, History and Geography.

Our objectives are not simply to ensure that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish. A British education creates open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals. Your child will learn from first-hand experience, not just textbooks. They will be encouraged to be creative in their thinking and they are expected to work hard every day.

Our reputation is built upon the success of our pupils. We are educational experts; we know how to get the very best out of your children. Becoming a young adult at the same time as working hard to learn, these years are hugely important to your child. We challenge and support pupils, so that they are able to achieve their very best academically and personally. We have the expertise to get them through the exams and the experience to guide them towards the ideal university for their future.

Academic Excellence is a common theme to run across all King’s College schools. Our pupils leave school upon completing their studies in Year 13 to go on to join the world’s best universities, including the UK’s Russell Group, Oxford and Cambridge and America’s Ivy League, as well as many other top institutions across the globe. This was demonstrated with the IGCSE results from 2018, where an incredible 89% achieved grades A*-C.


Our way of teaching and learning

We believe that child-centred, exploratory learning teaches young people how to think, question and explore new ideas. All learning is based upon these core skills; not simply a list of memorised facts, but knowledge and understanding. We give your son or daughter the best possible chance to reach their full potential, as an independent thinking and conscientious young person.

King’s College, The British School of Panama is proud to be leading the way in British education in Panama. As the only British school in Panama we are a unique community which can offer your family the opportunity to be a part of a very special school with its own exceptional ethos. Our ethos supports our mission to provide a transformative learning experience for every student in our care; a learning experience that cultivates innate talents, develops interests and encourages curiosity and a love of learning so that our students make a positive difference to not only their own lives but also the lives of others.

If you visit our school you will see young people constantly involved in learning that is dynamic, engaging, and inspiring. We believe that every activity throughout the school day provides an opportunity to learn. At the King’s College Panama, we strive therefore, to ensure the whole educational experience is underpinned by our mission to provide a transformative learning experience. We make sure the values, beliefs and perceptions of our young people are transformed to enable them to become the very best version of themselves. Students at the British School, Panama are motivated, confident, resourceful and inquisitive learners who push the boundaries of their learning with the support of a dedicated and exceptional team of staff. Through this approach we make certain that our children experience achievement and success they can feel proud of on a daily basis.

We are an innovative school that uses the most effective and proven educational approaches to provide the best learning environment for our students. We draw on the rich and varied Panamanian culture to enhance the British curriculum and facilitate a mindset in our students that is both open and global in its outlook. More importantly, our students are proud to be both themselves as individuals and collectively a part of a happy and vibrant school whose culture facilitates the belief that the world is full of possibilities.


Honesty, Faith and Courage

Like its sister schools in King’s Group, The British School of Panama will strive for educational excellence both inside and outside of the classroom. King’s College pupils are encouraged to achieve their academic best both inside and outside of the classroom, they are encouraged to participate in an array of extra-curricular activities and to understand, appreciate and contribute to other British values such as “Honesty, Faith and Courage” – which are the key values that feature on the King’s College crest.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) is a strong feature in all sections of the school. We aim to foster positive values and respect and ensure that pupils play an important role in their community. SMSC is evident in all areas of the curriculum and also in extracurricular activities such as fundraising, invitations to guest speakers, educational visits and a wide range of events and activities designed to enhance the work of the classroom. The spiritual dimension of our work can be seen through displays around the school of our pupils’ artwork in public areas and our excellent music and drama productions.

Moral development is exemplified by the very good behaviour of our pupils and their understanding of right and wrong. Pupils have a strong sense of their own identity, they show respect for themselves and others and we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships between all members of the school community. A caring attitude and a sense of social responsibility are encouraged at all levels. Our fundraising activities and support of local and international charities raise awareness of moral and social issues, focusing pupils’ attention on the needs of others less fortunate. Cultural development is aided by having a school community drawn from many different backgrounds, in which language, customs and traditions vary considerably but are all part of the same community.

We are very proud of our charity fundraising events, supporting a wide range of worthy causes, both in Panama and worldwide, and we encourage parents to join their sons and daughters in participating in these events.


Accredited by the UK Government

In Panama, King’s College’s main contribution to the local community is through a collaborative agreement with MEDUCA that we signed in 2012 and will last until 2019. Through this agreement, King’s College Panama – in partnership with King’s Training Panama – offers a Train the Trainer course to 25 Panamanian teachers every year. These teachers teach English in Panamanian public schools and work for MEDUCA.

King’s College understands how to work with local governments and communities, ensuring that our schools comply with local as well as British standards. In this regard, King’s College Panama is proud to have undergone its first inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The body, accredited by the British Government, concluded that, at King’s College Panama, “Pupils’ attitudes to their learning and to their involvement in activities are excellent, reflecting the school’s aim to promote a positive attitude towards learning.” King’s College is the only school in Panama that is regularly inspected by the external body. We constantly seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education on offer at our school and the care that pupils receive whilst in our care.

King’s College, The British School of Panama is proud to be leading the way in British education in Panama. As the only British school in Panama we are a unique community which can offer your family the opportunity to be a part of a very special school with its own exceptional ethos”.

Nicola Sara Lambros, Headteacher at King’s College Panama



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