The firm was established in 1981 as an efficient and modern international legal practice in the Republic of Panama, with a successful reputation that the firm maintains not only in Panama, but in other countries where it has an important presence.

Patton, Moreno & Asvat has 33 years of experience in the legal sector, providing services of the highest quality and committing to its clients’ needs around the world.

The PMA Group of companies is comprised of 24 attorneys and more than 80 employees. Our staff of lawyers has successfully achieved graduate, post graduate, masters and doctorate degrees in well-recognized universities such as Boston University, Cardiff University, Duke University, Fordham University, Harvard University, Tulane University, University of Pennsylvania, and among others.

The Firm strongly believes in the constant update and international projection of its lawyers and personnel, promoting their participation in local and international conferences and seminars. Our lawyers have also participated in the drafting of laws, thus contributing to the legislative framework of our country.

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Head office of the practice is situated at the heart of the business center in Panama City, while the European office, which was opened in 1986, is located in Old Bond Street in London's West End.

The firm’s areas of practice include corporate, maritime financing, registration and litigation, contracts and commercial transactions, real estate, public procurement, telecommunications, energy, M&A, intellectual property, banking law, aeronautical law, among others.

Our Affiliates include: ACE Funds Services, which focuses on servicing mutual funds; HPA Lawyers, a law firm  which provides legal services for corporate, maritime and investment funds in Panama and the British Virgin Islands; Assets Trust & Corporate Services, which provides Fiduciary Services and Offshore Trusts Services and Xperta Corporate Limited Services, our incorporation services company for the European market.


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